torsdag, mars 06, 2008

Leonard Sax and Sex

Leonard Sax is a dangerous man. Anyone who draws a bright line distinction between men and women and calls it science is a dangerous person. Sax fails to address the nuances created by variations in hormonal make up, the impact of socialization, and the backwards future that all this separation will ultimately create. What he does appreciate is a meal ticket at a time when the ills of no money for schools only war has finally visibly metastasized. Just because we don't spend the time or money on kids as individuals, doesn't mean we should be setting up a blue camp for boys and a yellow camp for girls. Pigeonholing is what gets us into trouble in the first place.

I know because I wasn't, and there were far too few of us girls allowed to roam at large with the boys as kids. I believe that that freedom to, as a child between the ages of 5 and 10, explore the world without a strict gender code has probably made the most wonderful difference in my life compared to the lives of so many other women I have met along the way.

To the extent that there are blocks of differences among different groups of children, we have to learn to take all that information and make those distinctions work towards a positive within a group, not to separate and isolate. To use xx and xy as a basis for a wholesale segregation, let me ask this. Would we be doing this with any other form of physical or mental distinction without more sophisticated medical science, social science, and long term peer review of both?

Hell, people are still debating margarine versus butter and its impact on veins. Don't talk to me in absolute terms about what a brain scan is telling you.