torsdag, februari 28, 2008

Parenthood Should Require Some Type of Test Besides Urine

It's 10 degrees outside, Farhenheit. A 15 month old bundled up like the Michelin kid is standing on the sidewalk crying. Why is he crying? Hmmm, my guess? Mittens. He wants some. Someone decided that his thick middle part needed protection, but not the tiny digits at the far end of his upper extremities.

No, no, now stop that. Don't give him a cookie. He doesn't want a cookie. He wants the pins and needles to stop. Whew. Thank goodness the light turned green.


Blogger Leah said...

I knew it! I knew people thought stuff like this.

That could very well have been my youngest son & I that you saw.

But, what you didn't see was the 10+ times I put the mittens on my child and the 10+ times he took them off and threw them until they finally landed in a puddle...

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