söndag, februari 24, 2008

Ray and Charles? A Little Help, Please

It's official. It's a worldwide epidemic or idea theft. Every design magazine, from home to furniture to clothes is telling me what the new classics are. How delightfully pretentious. I really expect to see some gray in the hair and some fat around the edges of these guys and gals before I'm going to agree that their chair/suit/lanai solor roof pattern creation is a classic.

"Oh, yes. Have I shown you this. It's my latest. Made it last night. Yep. It's a classic."

There's just not enough room in the room for that kind of blow. There's a slow food movement a foot I've heard (I'd know more about it if I had any tastebuds). Maybe there should be a slow taste movement. Let the product live, swell, ride the currents and survive or die. I think that's what the word classic kind of, um, means.

I'm not giving an inch on this one.