fredag, februari 15, 2008


Seems Cintra Wilson from the Times agrees with me on Victoria's Secret. I'll upload the link when I retrieve my computer with my dumb ol' bookmarks. "Victoria’s Secret has not made its money by being subtle. Its apparent formula for mass-marketing fantasies is to turn the erotic into the banal."

As for Westminster, is it my imagination, or did all the toy and non-sporting breeds have wooley mammoth sized handlers, while the wooley mammoth size working dog breeds have airily-attired tiny handlers. Must be my imagination ... I'd go through all the films (the video that the site offers is amazingly complete), but after a while the dogs within each breed seem to look identical and the video stuck in a continuous loop.

Clothing: explore J Brand for a plain and elegant thin-legged jean. But then Fashion Week news suggested that raggedy, barely holding on jeans (such as from Maison Martin Margiela) are the new look. I could have sworn massively distressed was two years ago, but I think what is new is the "barely holding on" part, which is supposed to be killer sexy. Well, yeah. (Just avoid thinking of cobwebs and that gown worn by a Marilyn Manson date a few years back.) Except how can I recreate the look? One rip I can do, but the shredding seems complicated and suggests that what I will end up with is a closet full of Daisy Duke cutoffs, which really isn't what I had in mind (or the butt cheeks to pull it off). I'll find a way. Now, when I wear dress pants, the kids say things like, "Are you a court clerk today?" Really, most dress pants give the suggestion that one's bottom stretches from the thoracic to the hamstring. One solution is a slightly lower and very wide waist band. Seriously, it creates a much better look, and And Alice + Olivia carries such a style.


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Two weekends ago I was coming downtown and stopped at a light near the convention center. I'd passed a nice looking boxer on the way, odd for downtown Buffalo on a Saturday, but I knew the dog show was in town when a woman crossed the street in front of me with that funny, bouncy gait that dog handlers use in the ring.

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