onsdag, januari 30, 2008

Color Wheel

Every year Pantone tells us our color psyche

2000 cerulean blue (we were reminded of this in Devil Wears Prada)
2001 fuschsia rose (boy, that's disorienting)
2002 true red (well, now that that's clear)
2003 aqua sky (is that possible?)
2004 tiger lily (isn't that a Disney character?)
2005 blue turquoise (as opposed to green turquoise, ok, I actually get that one)
2006 sand dollar (where I will always be)
2007 chili pepper (where I will always want to be)
2008 blue iris (I swear, f/k/a periwinkle)

As much as I love Scandinavian seating when they get it right, no one can say "Only stay a moment" better when they get it wrong. Meet the Spline, which must be Norwegian for "split spine."

Refinery 29. Must explore more.
I want the Smeg refrigerator for so many reasons, including the childish use of refrigerator magnets.

One of the kids left a glass of milk on the arm of the inexpensive Ikea leather couch my husband insisted on getting instead of a Ligne Roset or Roche Bobois "are you insane?" piece. I lifted the glass up to escort to the dishwasher, and half a sheet of cow accompanied the glass and me. Man, I should be dunking my leathery face into milk acid every hour on the hour. Anyway, I just set back the chances of getting a dream couch, oh, about ten more years.

Louis Poulsen, a Dane, makes beautiful light fixtures and is referenced in an advertisement as a furniture architect. I love that phrase. I wonder what the architect architects think about that. Probably not so much.


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