torsdag, januari 10, 2008

College Trip

I have no choice. I have no time, but if I don't find some to write every day, my head it going to pop off. We're now into college search for kid #2.

"I'm thinking Miami," she said.

Miami of Ohio, right? Right? Right? Please add "of Ohio."

"... I want to be warm.

She would be the queen of cigarette boats. I suggested she look at the schools in Massachusetts and New York for starters.

"These places aren't so warm. How about Kansas?" She asked after spending a little time exploring the University of Michigan and Ohio State.

I wanted to respond, "How about it? How about Idaho, Missouri, South Dakota, and Oklahoma, too? What I know about Kansas is that you have just suggested studying biology in a state where evolution hasn't been invented yet." I held my tongue and for a second considered getting the wooden map of the United States down off the bookshelf. I could blindfold her and we could play pin the tail on her future alma mater. Would she feel out of place in Texas? Would she get religion jammed down her throat in South Carolina? Who will inspire her? Who will take her? Who can I afford?

This is going to be one hot mess.


Anonymous Keith said...

I've thought about commenting on this entry but realized that saying anything about a mother sending her daughters off to college is almost 100% certain to only add to her worry.

One can only hope that the mother has gotten old enough that her own college memories have begun to fade, although I'm afraid this is seldom the case.

4:57 em  
Blogger Greg said...

Nowhere in the middle; the place is full of tornadoes.

12:12 fm  
Blogger Catherine said...

Is all this comment instruction in Swedish for you guys, too?

It is unlikely that once she leaves for college I will see her again before her 30th birthday, so it has to be juussstt right. "I've been seeing a lot of information on Florida schools, Mom," she said yesterday. "Me too," I said, "and nothing was very promising about the education part." "Yeah," she answered, "I've heard that too, but ..."

How can there be a "but" in that sentence?

3:08 em  

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