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Notes on Links

Not a post for anyone but me. Strictly notes.

The GT Table from dnmark. No one with fingerprints or a coffee cup need apply for a job.

George Gold Furniture Design, the Alto convertible crib. Damn, this crib is not too anything, not too cute, fussy, oversized, undersized, basket-y, or Disney-fied, and yet it's for like, a baby and then a toddler and then a child. Bravo.

FX Magazine, the business of design. Now, how do I change my links ...

Dauphin for ergonomics in office furniture; the new TakeOver chair is not featured on the company website yet. I can never figure out if this stuff rocks or it is mostly made-up physiological nonsense that we swallow because we really don't know. Plus the high back versions of these kind of office chairs make me think of a lab disaster involving a dentist chair and a preying mantis. Must learn more.

I don't agree that Eero Aarnio's Ball Chair is the most remarkable chair in the history of 20th Century furniture, or however Linvingroom24 cares to honor it. Groundbreaking, yes. Iconic, certainly. But it is too gimmicky for the top honor. It's part chair, part bed, and part separate room and although I don't mean to suggest that being difficult to categorize takes one out of the running, I think it a harder task to design a chair that soothes the body, works in a variety of spaces, and allows the individual to exist as or retract from being a participant in an overall living space with a simple turn of the head. No emergence or climbing back in required.

Trend Bible for forecasting. Paper, plywood, and felt shades; Organics, origami, and nature for glassware; plywood and plastics for furniture; and soft yet textured fabrics and materials for the finishing touches. The future is going to look an awful lot like country club communities in Tampa, Florida.

Londonewcastle won the award for Britain's best emerging interior designer 2008. How prescient.

Tom Dixon is my lighting hero.

Armourcoat Perlata bounces light off of its surface. Could it be perfect for aesthetic lighting? Or perhaps their polished plaster effect. Mader Construction is a listed applicator for the product line in Western New York.

In Luxury Design has a belt I would love to own. Sometimes I hate this job. So many beautiful things to find and say goodbye to without enjoying even the slightest of a relationship.

Now that everyone is a photographer, the big dilemma is how to show off all the precious pieces of art. Gemma Fabbri and Chris Ager created the Socialite light box, complete with building facades and randomly lighting bulbs. Insert photos of family and friends and see who shines out from the apartment window across the, um, coffee table.

Uncrate website for stuff.

Make Rainsky work here, Mr. German Company Dorn Bracht, please, pretty please.

I have a passion for screens. I work in an open office and sometimes I dream about having these about, able to throw into place so not everybody needs to see my messy desk. This one from Alison White folds on the hinges in both directions.

It took a visiting puppy to remind me that I live in the acoustical equivalent of a cave. Anne Kyyro Quinn has developed paper fold acoustic wall panels. This pattern on the ceiling of my 12 foot high Victorian living room would be a knock dead design-wise, and also let me ignore the world beneath my second floor bedroom.

The two Turkish designers behind Autoban have designed a chair, 1.5 that I have completely fallen for, especially in what they call a lacquer but looks more like a moss stain. Anyway, it looks hard and uninviting and I have completely fallen for it. Actually, this is so exciting because their Box Sofa couch which I just spotted after creaming about the chair might be my new very, very favorite. It's contained so it gives off a sense of being held - always nice for my psyche - but it is low enough not to be stifling - also nice - and deep enough to let you bring your legs in. The wood grain is perfectly subdued. OMG, now I am in huge trouble. How can I get this beautiful thing.

Black + Blum Design Ltd throws us a series of cheery, tongue-in-cheek, affordable, lighting and home decor items such as door stops, wall hangers and message board products, available in US specifications when applicable.

Bob Crooks: First Glass for glass works.

Bocci is working on innovations on light switches. Check back for info.

Boss Deisgn Ltd has two chairs, the Eye and the Kruze, worth taking a peak at. The Kruze comes up at the sides, a work station chair design that is too rare. I hate having my sides exposed all the time. The Eye, pictured here, curves up even more. It has an open bottom, something I don't care for, but the chair looks inviting and enjoys a new design. Way better than plastic, way better than the same ol' same ol'. I think it's a Jackie Choi design. Yep, it is. Note her Fontana sideboard.

Wall can't support the plasma screen tv? See if someone local has something like this.

David Mellor Design for cutlery, for that day when I finally go beserk over our own heavy, callous causing, finger-injuring tablewear and elect to write a review of other options.


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