måndag, november 19, 2007


I've always wanted to be a Tod's girl. But athletic legs, the lack of a trust fund, and a fond appreciation for sex leave me hovering somewhere between an H&M and BCBG type.

I wish animal prints would make up their mind. Moreso I wish they would make up their mind to stay away. There are about three people who can carry the look off, and they three along with the animals that provided the real thing are all dead.

I've been carrying around the photograph of a suitcase I fell fond of. A Globe-Trotter on wheels. I thought it looked sophisticated, understated, and functional. Next time I have about 2k to drop on luggage, I'm heading right there.

If a guy wearing the Zegna BT iJacket ever shows up at a dinner table near me, the milk is going to come streaming out of my nose so fast I'll be asked to leave the restaurant. Maybe it is the future, but can't we really just get a life?