söndag, november 18, 2007

Wheelchair Fashions

I've just found these two sites, BeautyAbility and Wheelie-Chix Chic. Wheelie-Chix is on to something here, but the designer needs to study the optical illusions created by some of her tops. Only a handful of designs - and one strikingly so - pull the eye of the beholder up to the face of the woman in the wheelchair. Other designs either sag the breasts with questionable placement or crossing of silk trimming or pull the eye down to the waist, or - worse - both (see right). And the pants - excellent construction and fantastic idea with the silk roll down material, but stripes? Nothing showcases bulging thighs and a rolling stomach more than the white line. Pin stripes are tough enough to carry when standing As soon as we are seated, the stripe curves and bubbles and pouches are created even where they don't exist. (I'm not even going to get into the only other option, a plaid.) Wheelie-Chix managing director Louisa Summerfield might want to consider adding a solid color pant. And with so little competition in this field, designer Amelia Ursache shouldn't overlook the opportunity to do everything right.


Anonymous used wheelchair vans said...

stripes are a nono
Wheelie chix do have some descent stuff but when it comes to saggy boobs and bulging thighs they know how to do that too.

amazingly Great post,


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