onsdag, januari 30, 2008

Colon Blow Hard

It has been suggested that I write a piece about colon cleansing. I suggested that the suggestor write a piece about colon cleansing. Besides, I don't think I can put together anything more entertaining or off-putting than "She's Gonna Blow", an article I saved for the collection of words for "arse" alone.

A week before I read the article, my youngest spotted one of those rubbery bags in the drug store, and in front of a large group of people waiting for the pharmacist asked me, "What's this for?"

"It's a water bottle for a sore neck or ankle, I guess," I answered, thinking it was. How was I supposed to know? Growing up, we didn't even have a thermometer in the house. "If you don't have a thermometer, you can't have a fever," Mom would reason. Living as we did with the good Dr. House, why would we have anything as sophisticated as an insides cleaner-outer?

Anyway, that colonic guy needs to get out of his mom's house, right after he tries a few more funny 'speriments
And now that I think about it, what do my kids do when I'm gone?


Blogger Greg said...

You should try the Zug fissure story. Yikes.

11:32 em  
Blogger Catherine said...

I'm thinking Zug is too advanced for me.

12:36 fm  

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