söndag, februari 24, 2008

Like Cat Woman, Fer Sure

According to the LA Times,

Wintour has been under attack this week for her influence over the Milan show schedule. Top runway presentations here, once stretched over seven days, have been compressed into four days this season after Wintour wrote to Italian fashion designers asking them to group shows closer together to save editors a long, expensive stay in Milan.

The shortened schedule has left some younger designers out in the cold, unable to attract editors to their shows, and has prompted journalists and some designers to speak out against Wintour.

So, it sounds like corporate is getting ugly American cheap and pushy, but, as with everything else, there is likely to be more to it, such as five hour breaks between shows, perhaps? Milan is the closest thing one can find to a New York attitude in Italy, but it is still Italy and has it's own internal clock. The NYC Fashion Weeks run like a machine, and feature designers from nine in the morning to nine at night, both on and off site. Front rows are filled with trades people filling out their forms, along with some press and a handful of celebrities. It's mostly about moving product with the showbiz blitz only the topping.

It's probably the last thing Anna wanted to do but the first order of business she felt necessary. These semi-annual fashion shows, like film award festivals and tennis' grand slams, have all become part of a series, so get a new job it you can't figure that uniformity is right behind.