lördag, februari 23, 2008

I need a place to write down this fascinating phrase, Super Sofas. That's how stupid my life is.

I just wrote a whole piece spelling "couch" as "coach." I am a retard, although my brother - who called me that incessantly when we were kids, told me not to use that phrase any more. He's right, so I'm going with metard instead - it's something about the long "e" and the "t" sound and the "ar" that makes it work so as a bad word. Some words just swing that way. Simply irresistible to the lips, tongue and jaw. I'm not sure if that change saves it. I'm not a mean person at all; just terminally stuck in my childhood 70's.

Anyway, there is an entire series of sofas with metal legs surfacing. They cost a fortune, and they come on spindly metal, cheap looking legs that look as if they'd run away if Pee Wee owned 'em. Or crack your toes open in the middle of the night. Super Sofas need Super Bases - whatever happened to symmetry and balance. And they're up so high off the ground and so exposed that dust bunnies will show for miles. I'll have to clean. Now I'm just crabby. Back to work.


Blogger Greg said...

If you put wheels on the sofa, then you'd be spelling it right. Maybe you could even hitch the dog to it.

9:14 em  
Blogger Catherine said...

I need a disclaimer on the side of this site. I can't get the spell check to work in blogspot, my fingers have a tendency to finish small words off other ways (just because), I need yet another prescription - the third in two years but I am in denial), and I have always felt bad for underused homonyms. I also need to change my sidebars and my links but I forgot how to do all that. So, how have you been? Would you like a dog? She pulls couches.

11:43 fm  

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