tisdag, februari 26, 2008

Another One Shelved

Although Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy was the all time favorite for belly laughs, A & C Meet Frankenstein got it's share of repeat performances around here as humor training for youngsters. You can't do comedy without the physical. Timing matters. But I completely missed that its screenwriter, Robert Lees, had 1. been blacklisted thanks to McCarthy and then 2. in 2004 met with such a horrible end by a crazed murderer. Beheaded, mon dieu. And of course the naive idiot that I am used to think that such a death meant - nay required - a clean machete type swing, but no. Some recent article about a now-banned, pro-terrorist London blogger advised me that, if you want, it can be done in a slow, painful, sawing way, the way I sever turkey parts with bandaged fingers every year. My guess is, the hard way is how it's done by a crazed, Bible-n-mace carrying schizophrenic.

Gosh darn it. It's not like the talented guy'd been through enough. I am so sickened.

Another movie I'll never be able to watch again without wanting to vomit. Or any others in our collection for that matter, like when A&C think they've blasted off to Mars, but really the rocket lands in Louisianna during Mardi Gras but because of the costumes Bud andLou can't tell the difference. Think of the high concept pitch for that one.

During the red carpet for this year's Oscars, the youngest - the one who years earlier had spent a winter watching the The Mummy on continuous loop - looked at Diablo Cody and said, "I know her. She played the bad lady on that Hey Abbot Mummy show." Well, She wasn't too far off the mark. Photos of Ms. Wilson via IMBD and Diable from the LA Times.