onsdag, mars 05, 2008

The UO Catalog and other Notes

UO Through the Mail Slot. When it comes, the Urban Outfitters catalog, the world stops. I go through the pages trying to break the code. What is this company's message? Why am I always reluctant to embrace it? Why sometimes does everybody looks sexy; in other catalogs everyone looks like dressed by monkeys? The current catalog works, and its a 70's (again), boho, 20's approach. It's the heavy reliance on the 70's, again, that gets me, I suspect. The catalog starts to feel like a yearbook. Half of me can't breathe and the other half of me is pissed off that we didn't have better styling back then. As for why it doesn't always work for each season? Staying fresh and cutting edge is difficult when each piece has such a retro feel, so the attitude has to come in the combos - which is not really what mass market retail and catalog is all about.

Drunkorexia. "These are women who are afraid to put a grape in their mouth but have no problem drinking a beer." Douglas Bunnell, quoted in the NY Times, March 2, 2008. I had a nightmare last night. I had edged too far into an intersection waiting for the light to turn green. So I put the car in reverse to get back behind the stop line. Only it was as if I had gunned it, and the car went screaming in reverse. Trying to get the car back into place, I put it in drive, but then again, it was as if the gas pedal was glued to the ground and I could not stop. Suddenly, I was going so fast that as I was wiping out sides of cars all I could see were sparks and then I realized that those hazy dark figures that looked like silhouette cut outs from a 50's educational poster were people I was knocking off. The dream shifted over into a DWI and, before I awoke, I accepted in utter despondency (while the vehicle was still wildly out of control) that I was going to spend the rest of my life behind bars.

I'm going with grapes.

Benefit Cosmetics. Jane Ford: "A lot of women think if they're wearing a geranium pink trench, they have to match their lipstick with it. No, it's the reverse."

The reverse of what? What is the complimentary color of geranium pink, celery? Do I not wear a trench? Do a lot of women have geranium pink trench coats? Did I miss the big sale?

Actually the entire Pulse section of the Times failed to produce anything new - the new colors? yellow with gray, sea-blue with lime, coral and yellow, pink and black, sky blue and brown - all these have been alive and kicking for the past few years, past few millennium. The good news? This summer wear your favorite bright colors, give them Urban Outfitter names, and use the word "inspired" a lot, as in "I was inspired by the wondrous colorings of the underwater sea creatures we saw this June while on holiday," or "I was inspired by my love affair with the laundry basket and color of my favorite bottle of detergent." You can do it.