torsdag, augusti 25, 2005

Stuck in the Middle

Nuclear 3, at the ripe old age of 14 seems keen on endulging her two new pasttimes: sipping vodka and boxing.

"Why is it," I ask "That your new favorite hobbies are all centered around brain damage?"

She catches the irony, and smiles. Her first year in a new intense high school features a 9th grade course listing more demanding than my freshman year in college, including physics, geometry, world literature, perspectives in art, and latin.

"Oh, great!" said Nuclear 2, a high school senior, with refreshing genuiness. "We can study physics together."

What a weird dynamic. Summer grounding for bad behavior and the image of the two of them studying motion properties together out of used textbooks and spiral notepads.

A bottle of Grey Goose, $35.26.
A gym pass at Joe's Boxing Ring, $575.00.
Tape recordings of Nuclear 3 trying to explain to Nuclear 2 principles of momentum and conservation,
Yeah. Priceless.