lördag, augusti 06, 2005

No, We Are Not Getting a Divorce. Order Your Food.

In the first day in a month under 90 degrees, I invited the nuclear for lunch at a restaurant with outdoor seating.

"Ok, so what life changing event did you bring us all here to tell us about."

"What happened to our food. It should be here in fifteen minutes or we should not pay. It's lunch during a workday for godsake."

"You have something on you lip, Mom. Ha, ha, ha, now it's on your top lip. Oops, now your bottom. Ha, ha, ha, never mind."

"I ordered a hamburger. How could it take so long to cook a hamburger, for godsake."

The next time I invite them out will be a cold day in hell.


Anonymous Keith said...

For the longest time my computer was broken, refusing to show any of your entries.

Thank God that problem seems to have fixed itself!

10:32 fm  
Blogger Bebe said...

If I think of this thing as anything but a black and white Composition Book, it's too hard to find the time.

9:35 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

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