onsdag, juni 22, 2005

Scandinavian Design and Then Some

In our home, less is more. Having acquired one piece of furniture for each room, our alotment is spent. That means that lately every catalogue I receive from Pottery Barn to DWR gets tossed with the same fluid movement used to pick each up off the wood floor after a clankly dump through the mail slot. Up and outta here.

Except tonight I couldn't resist the DWR. Pretentious and overpriced? You bet. But who else would carry something called the womb chair, that didn't actually function as a sex toy? And how brilliant a concept is the Bingo Pouf? At least four times a year, between family reunions and high school all night poker parties while Mom is on a business trip, people end up draped around the house until Manhattan Bagel on Elmwood opens and the coffee pot cackles. A foam mattress that is sort of also a table is a concept worth consideration.

But if warmth, depth, and coziness is what you long for in an area rug, stay clear of my personal nordic favorite, the chilewich mat. It is as thick as a 37 cent stamp, but under a dining room table it cannot be beat. It is impervious to food and chair legs and looks damn sharp. Cozy? Save it for sleep. Speaking of which, I am this close to convincing my husband that we should get an actual mattress to go atop the Leggero.

This close.


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