tisdag, maj 10, 2005

Male Studies

My theory may be a little off, but you be the judge. If I want to understand more clearly the innerworkings of an accountant's mind, I would read, I guess, an accountant's trade magazine. Same with advertising execs. You get the picture. So when trying to get a glimpse inside the male machinations, if there is such a thing, I always thought it made more sense to read an Esquire or GQ or whatever seems pointedly marketed to that other fair sex. I mean, Cosmo may tell you that it will tell you what a guy really wants, but isn't it more likely that Cosmo is telling you what a woman wants to hear about what a guy really wants? So on my last visit to the public library I pick up a few old guy mags to see what has been happening on the male front lately. The discussions included:

The difficulty with monogamy. ("I would marry her, but only if she could be nine different people over the course of the next 30 years.")
Sex is a good thing. Lots of sex is a really good thing.
Women in a cat fight is a turn on because . . . . (play; fighting for me; chance that clothes might come off).
Pickup Truck/Italian sports car reviews.

I didn't see any of that coming.

I am still an old Esquire fan. "How to buy wine online" is a good example. "Tried and true designs under $200." "Places to travel alone." "Trucks and European sports cars," . . . hey, wait!
Anyway. Do you really get the best advice? In a columnist's pretend reader's question about whether a pharmaceutical company is ever likely to create a Viagra for chicks, the best comment offered was that the company gave up test trials after the marketing department couldn't agree on a color for the little pill. "No, seriously," it continued. "Um, desire is really a testosterone thing and that in women, sexual disinterest is psychological."

Cripes. Do I have to do all the work around here? Drop a DHEA supplement into her coffee every day. She will not grow a beard. She will not become musclebound. More likely, she will start wondering if there is anyway her man can suddenly become 9 men in one . . .

Aren't I supposed to be studying my Swedish?


Anonymous Craig said...

I'm sure it's just a result of our "gender-based" upbringings.

I mean, there can't really be any differences between the sexes (whoops, the genders) can there?

I mean, aren't we all just sort of a monosexual pie?

9:40 em  
Anonymous Ambrose said...

I've noticed that there really is a shortage of decent writing about men-related issues when looking around for stuff to steal. My theories on why this is so: (a) what's to write about? It's not like the subject is so complex. It was probably tapped out after about the third issue of Playboy came out. (b) Who would read it? Men go out in public looking like that-- obviously they aren't-- and most women seem to have the subject figured out.

10:37 fm  
Blogger Bebe said...

Is it monosexual pie or a polysexual pie, or as British metrosexuals might argue, a metasexual pie, or as Magnus Hirschfeld might argue a megasexual pie?

Food matters. Sleep matters. Torn ligaments or hair loss matters. How to dress matters, well more anyway. The latest on computers, internet, techie stuff and body decorations/alterations matters. Then there is the whole sports, politics, and religion thing that continues to be so male-centric. Maybe the art of sleeping well and eating to the point of ectasy is not gender specific, but I want to know what works. What drives the guys across the first two levels of Maslow's heirarchy.

3:39 fm  
Blogger Mandy said...

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Anonymous Anonym said...

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