söndag, maj 08, 2005

Mothers' Day

It would be nice to sit and drink coffee and read the NYTimes and send every family member out to get mulch and peat moss and annuals and a big sun hat and a pair of garden gloves and a knee pad.

"Don't take me out to eat!" one soccer mom repeated. That is what she had told her family. "I want to stay home and not have to go anywhere!"

I may have discovered why Mom's like gardening so much. Pass it on and test:

I spent a beautiful Friday night and all day Saturday getting the flower beds ready for what promises to be a fabulous summer for growth. Mostly that meant turning soil and weeding. Weeding means knowing the good small stuff from the bad small stuff and leaving the unsure of stuff alone for a bit. It struck me that this was like full control parenting. If the plant was bad for my plant family, out it went. Encroachers, gone. Plant not behaving well, goodbye. Maybe we do in the garden what we wish we were better at in the house.

Maybe I am on to a psychological breakthrough of understanding. Maybe I just should have worn my sunhat.


Anonymous Keith said...

Your breakthrough may very well explain my fascination for stone in and around the garden. Now, if only I can decide - do I crave the permanence that the stone represents, or am I crying out, "I am surrounded by unbudgeable stubbornness!"

Happy Mothers' Day

12:10 em  
Blogger Bebe said...

Pattern Male Pigheadedness: Always on the lookout for a foundation upon which to build.

Anyway, thanks. It was nice. We girls went to the ballpark and a newspaper photographer photographed me and my youngest.

9:27 em  
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