onsdag, april 27, 2005

Worser Than That

John Bolton's appointment as the US's Ambassador to the United Nations gets more press, as the Senate Foreign Relations committee announces that it will be interviewing 24 more people to evaluate whether Bolton is the man for the post.

A little perspective is in order. Think about what it must be like to work for these leglislators and administrators. Even if you have an easy going boss by Washington's standards, there must be 6 days a year when you seriously believe your ass is on the line. If I were the boss of something, anything, I would probably be a tad demanding. If you put me in charge of some aspect of national concern, there would be days I could be a rather pain, I suspect.

Now, if you can imagine how rough it would be to work for these demanding men and women of power - men and women who can call up the best brains, the most eager graduates, and time-proven workaholics - then you must next realize what is happening here. These men and women, these guys, are the ones complaining that he is too harsh, too critical, a serial abuser, I believe someone claimed. Yes. Let's make him the diplomat.

Who's in charge here?


Anonymous Craig said...

If we ever needed any evidence of the power that the permanent bureaucracy holds, the Bolton nomination would be it.

Bolton fought it, and he's paying the price. He's just "mean."

I find that a wholly desirable trait for a prospective Ambassador to that snake-pit called Turtle Bay.

10:11 em  
Blogger Bebe said...

I believe the concern is, ahem, about misinformation. If he doesn't get the information as he wants to see it, then the shit hits the fan. Pavlov would tell us that we would then have an ambassador running the show based on misinformation provided by underlings concerned about job security. People are a little concerned about misinformation lately.

Even Colin Powell won't endorse him.

These is not about sucking it up and getting to work on time so the boss won't yell. Neither is this about making sure that every appointment is a spineless sycophant.

8:56 fm  

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