lördag, april 16, 2005

The Lowly Funny Guy

"Oh," sighed the grad student. "Instead of saying something poignant, I always took the easy way out and said something funny."

I bet it wasn't that funny.

"We're the guys," said the comedian, "Who couldn't get the girls on our looks."

Who wants the girls who want the boys for their looks? It's the girls who want the boys with the money, now those are the real hotties.

"We went into comedy because we couldn't be rock stars," explains Joe Black.

But imagine if you were. Serious tuneage with seriously funny lyrics. I am not even sure I can imagine. I mean, what do we have, tops, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer? There is comedy and tragedy in theater and literature. Why not in music?

This was not where I was headed with this. Where I was headed was expressing how put out I was by hearing remarks three days in a row suggesting that humor is somewhere below canned tuna in the banquet of life.

It's just not. And I gotta come up with a funny way to explain it. A poignant way would be too easy.