fredag, maj 13, 2005

Home Repair

Tonight I walked the aisles of Home Depot. Waiting for quarts of paint to get mixed. Husbands and wives were arguing. It sounded so good.

See, I have been alone now for about two months. When people are married and fighting they inevitably imagine how nice it might be to be alone. Alone is ok. You are never wrong, you never look bad, you never burn the food or leave the house a mess. Well, you might do or be all those things, but it is kind of a tree falls in the woods circumstance. Tonight when a squat impatient man trailed behind his squat impatient wife reciting the list of things she must have said he did wrong, it sounded like salt on steak: the essence of life. If I reached out, I could almost remember how nice it felt, this interaction. Being alone to fend for the family for awhile has left me contemplating just how hard it cannot possibly be to replace the upstairs windows myself. Measure, glue and put in place.

Nothing good can come of me having these thoughts.