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The Genesis, The Sexist, and The Movie Production

With the older girls I read Potter. With the last one, I decided to pick up the Narnia collection, by C S Lewis. I heard it is next in line for moviedom, so I wanted to beat it to the punch.

No one told me that the series is, essentially, a new book for an old testament.

There I was reading along, dum de dum dum, when suddenly there was this Lion who seemed to be creating this new world ALL IN ONE DAY. Tres intelligente.

Animals two by two.
Sons of Adam, daughters of Eve.
The temptation involved an apple.
God is a male lion.
He has a name. Aslan.
The devil is a strong, tall, beautiful, very female queen.
She has a name too, but mostly she is just called a witch.
The little girls are good, the little boys are always getting into trouble.

See Dick Run.
Run, Dick. Run.


Blogger cslewisfan221 said...

Apparently, there are Narnia Events going on all over the country that are movie "sneek peeks". I just found some information at Narnia Resources

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Blogger Lance Mannion said...

Hold on, hold on. The whole adventure starts because one of the girls, Lucy, is adventurous and gets into trouble. Peter, the eldest boy is a goody goody. Edmund, the other boy is the one who gives into temptation. The temptation is the witch, who is not the Devil, she is another version of Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. Which makes her the splinter of ice at the center of everyone's heart.

Aslan is Jesus not Yahweh.

That said, I'm not going to make the case that it's the most enlightened set of books ever written. It's a too obvious Christian allegory. The style is cloying and condescending. The girls don't take part in the battles, although Lucy's contributions are due to her having an independent spirit and more brains than her brothers. JRR Tolkien and Lewis were friends, and they discussed their books as they wrote them, but Tolkien learned far more from Lewis than Lewis learned from Tolkien.

But they are at last boys' adventure stories and our 12 year old loves the whole series.

So did my wife when she was 12.

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