lördag, augusti 13, 2005

Giddy-Yap, Yap, Yap

"Would you guys like to go on a horseback riding trip with me?"

"Sure. If you want me too," says Nuclear 3
"No," says Nuclear 2.

"You don't want to go away for a long weekend and hang out at a ranch?"

"Where's it going to be?" asks Nuclear 2.

On the back of a horse, that's where it is going to be. "In California."

"Ok, then. I will go."

I dropped the clipping in the manilla folder reserved for things I want to do that will never happen because a less than lukewarm response to my proposal sucked all the joy out of my soul. I have the manilla folders organized by the week.


Anonymous Keith said...

While cleaning out a filing cabinet the other day, I came across a folder labeled simply Vacations, which ended up being filled with clippings and brochures from places that I guess I'd once thought I might visit with my now ex-wife.

"Yea, right," I said, dumping it into the trash.

10:28 fm  
Blogger Bebe said...

I am thinking of planning them for just me and calling them conferences. But I guess that becomes one of those slippery slopes.

9:21 em  

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