fredag, mars 11, 2005

Kultur Läxan

Last night I googled the terms blog and Sverige. I found ATTAC Sverige, a sweet little acronym that suggested anti-something or other. Or pro-something or other. In any event it seemed centered around watchdogging the WTO. I grabbed this description to translate:

Omvärldsbevakning för och av ATTAC-medlemmar. Nyheter du kanske missat, länktips du kanske saknat. "World coverage for and of ATTAC members. News you perhaps missed, links you perhaps lack."

I love the word "kanske." For three years I pronounced it exactly as it is looks to an ignorant American, and people would look confused. The last time I used it I even said, "You know, "perhaps," "maybe" and I still got the look. But it remains one of my favorite words because I learned it early on and it stuck. Mr. ATTAC used it twice in one sentence. Politics be damned; on phraseology you rule.

The second google site was Globaljuggler. I cannot tell how serious he is. Well, I mean the text is very long and there are not many pictures, so I am assuming very serious. But the way his left eye droops just a tad in the photo, like John Cleese with a twitch, suggests that he sees the "Bang Head Here" aspect of everything, a view towards life I find charming. His March 10 article (no permalink) on music and film pirating is worth the translate, except kanske for the Kylie Minogue part. My husband does not believe me when I say that this individual, pre or post Head, never hit point of recognition in the US. He was overly astonished that when he said "Kylie" I asked, "Who?" I have been known to lock myself away in my office to get work done, but I dont live under a rock, so why would he not accept my query as a sign that she never made it to phenom status in the States?

Where was I?

Globaljuggler's post. He wrote: Antipiratbyråns jurist Henrik Pontén har enligt Aftonbladet sagt att bland de beslagtagna servrarna från razzian på Bahnhof fanns ungefär 450 000 låtar och 1 800 filmtitlar. IP expert Henrik Ponten has comment in the paper saying that among them, the confiscated computers from the raid on Bahnhof, found about 450,000 tunes and 1800 movies.

How is it possible, Juggler ponders, that of all those confiscations, certain films such as
- Hip hip hora
- Skenbart
- Hannah med H
- Mongolpiparen
are not found, and certain songs, including Kylie's, were not downloaded?

I am not sure what that says about culture. It'll take me a while to get through the whole piece, and I am still hung up on the "confiscation" part. Anyway, for Kylie's sake, GJ makes the roll.