tisdag, februari 22, 2005

Surf's Up

He: Chamberlain taught everyone the lesson on negotiating with a tyrant. Remember, "Peace in our time" and all that.
Me: "Yeah, yeah, we'll be good. We'll be good."
He: What?
Me: You know, "Yeah, yeah, don't worry. We'll be good."
He: What?
Me: I'm imitating the Germans.

He paused for a second, then laughed all the way to work. He said something about filling a book or writing a book or putting a book over my head. I had struck his funny bone, just mumblypegging about. Christ, I live to make him crack a smile. My best jokes rarely make the grade, but turn a Nazi into a surfer dude; the non sequitor slayed him. I need a drink.

So, translation for the day: We will be good.
Hmmm. Vi ska vara snäll.
That is my guess.