tisdag, februari 22, 2005

Groundhog's Day, Like the Movie

"How do you know that it is seeing its shadow and for that very reason popping back down into its hole? I mean, you cannot say that you understand the workings of the groundhog's brain, or have a crystal clear, groundhog's view of its eyeshot, now do you? So, I don't understand the significance of the holiday."

No one's utensil moved from its position, somewhere between plate and mouth. The girls knew that if I tried to explain our goofball tradition to my Swedish husband, their stepfather, the dinner would be a lost cause. They looked at me out of the corner of their eyes. They held their breadth.

"Well, it's not exactly like that, you see . . ." I started.

They groaned.

See the difference between us and the movie version is that Bill Murray, eventually, got out.


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