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From Essential Swedish Grammar:

If this is your first acquaintance with Swedish grammar, the following suggestions may be of help:

1. Before beginning to work your way through this book, master several hundred useful phrases and expressions . . .

How about, Tack sa mycket Mr. Granberry. There is an expression for you. Several hundred. Right. I don't want to memorize several hundred phrases like, "How much is that cup of coffee" and "Can you tell me where the nearest public restroom is." I am older than 24. Memory functions are weak. I would rather learn this logically and in pattern. So here goes.

Lesson 1. Word Order

Noun followed by verb in normal word order.
I joke. Jag skämtar

Inverted word order when

1. Asking a quetion. Du skämtar? [Are] you joking?

Got it.

Also inverted when:

when the independent clause is preceded by a dependent clause
when the independent clause begins with an adverb or an adverbial phrase
when the object of the independen clause precedes the subject.

My brain is made of wood. Min hjärna är . . .


Anonymous Anonym said...

Love the look! Pretty color, nice papyrus texture, so classy. Good luck. I'm still trying to come up with a novel idea ... get it? Novel idea? Hahahaha. I got the opening sentence: "I want a lawyer."
I hope you will be translating this -- Swedish -- so the rest of the ignorant class can follow along.
(Jag Skamtar...always with the skamtar, that's me.)
Kate of the North

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