lördag, februari 26, 2005

Floor Golv Flor

"'I have hardwood floors.' How would I say that," I ask.

He: Why do you guys call it hardwood? Floors are not made of hardwoods, but softwoods. Pine.
Me: Maybe once upon a time the wood used for flooring was of non-coniferous lumbar.
He: It is always pine, I think. We do not reference hard or soft. We just say wooden floor.
Me: Okay then, how would I say, "I have wooden floors"?
He: We say only "trägolv."
Me: Trägolv.
He: Trägolvvvvvv, not trägolf.
Me: Trägolvvvvvv.
Me: How about the whole sentence? How would that go?
He: Jag ha trägolv.
Me: How do you say "pulling teeth"?

Jag ha trägolv. Jag tycker om trägolv. Min man tycker om trägolv, men ibland vil våra flickor har mjuka mattar.

Flor is a perfect solution. They are not as thick as the girls seem to dream of (wall to wall cashmere shag, I believe) but they are so cool. How often does one get a chance to really structure a floor? Peddada Rugs, deeply hidden within the Peddada website offer intense design concepts in the area rug genre. (Hint, go to "What's New")


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