onsdag, januari 04, 2006

Being 6

Association is a dangerous thing.

Somebody in the office said something about paper clips or malpractice deadlines or something like that which immediately got me wondering about the name of the cartoon I watched as a kid that had odd figures situated underwater that moved up and down when they walked and human moving lips underimposed on a staid face.

Nobody remembered this particular cartoon.

So, seven hours of group research later, we found Stingray and Space Angel. Stingray's marionette action explained the oddball up and down motion that I was recalling. The Space Angel cartoon featured a storyboard-type face, with human lips moving underneath. I had joined them together somehow. I don't have any recollection of ever seeing a complete Stingray or Space Angel episode. I think that these shows would catch my attention as I was about to run out the front door, and I would look at them out of the corner of my eye in a way that, well, let me say to the extent that a six year old could be weirded out.

In the process I came across this post by one older than I, but the images of the old tv guides took me back.

Now, back to the NCAA Football rules.


Anonymous Keith said...

Hmmm... I'd thought I'd left an interesting comment here the other night. Apparently it's been deleted. Or maybe I just forgot to leave it. Both are possibilities.

11:19 em  
Blogger Bebe said...

I tried to leave a long comment to your post about your friend burying his dad. It was profound and then stupid - just perfect, and then our internet cable broke and my whole world disappeared for a few days. I took it as a message that the badness of the profound pretty much outweighed the goodness of the stupid and decided to take the hint.

I might have deleted you. Do you sometimes go by "CasinoWinnerPicks?"

11:01 em  
Anonymous Keith said...

My mother's maiden name. I sometimes go by it when I'm feeling sentimental.

11:20 em  
Blogger Bebe said...

But she was known as Rimshot to her friends.

9:24 fm  

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