onsdag, december 21, 2005

It's Not Last Minute Until Friday

While the Spreeblog is in technical rehab and posting is temporarily suspended, I will put my Shopping features here:

The Elmwood District shopping has hit a watershed mark this year, I believe, helped by those who understand that living in a city can be a good thing; and some more structured support via the Forever Elwood Association. Room is just one of the new or rennovated stores to hit the street, and it is a thrill to see a little taste of Toronto's Kings Street head South. There is a heavy focus on luxurious bedding and pillows, which I will get images of later in the season, and then smaller stuff, like these ornaments or suprisingly heavy glass coasters to hand out to a host or hostess. If you had been thinking of getting a little something for the bedroom but lost your nerve, throw something sexy on the bed instead. Not the coasters, though.