torsdag, december 15, 2005

Yeah, We Bad

Former President Bill Clinton was in town yesterday. He said about Buffalo, "You can’t live and stay here if you’re a wuss." BuffaloPundit thinks we should be branding ourselves, and offers up Clinton's tossed bone for gnawing on.

Now let's see. It meets certain criteria for branding: it is simple, short, direct, not already taken and true. As for word and image association, I went straight to WWF-sized biceps, mullets, and monster truck pulls, and then veered off to Richard Pryor's We Bad walk. I will never forget Richard. His face did "WTF?" better than anyone else's. It's a shame he had to catch on fire and all . . . Where were we?

Yes, it is good to be tough and thick skinned and tenacious and strong and dependable and a survivor and a team player. The trick is to keep that image from slip-sliding into "stupid."

Discovered blog about branding: Snark Hunting


Anonymous Keith said...

Funny you should mention the WWF, because just yesterday I flipped position completely and became a strong supporter of the U.S.'s war against the world after hearing that the WWF was in Iraq with their own support-the-troops U.S.O. style show.

I tried to go to the U.S.O. homepage for more information, but unfortunately it wouldn't load on my screen.

Maybe someone it with a chair.

10:49 fm  
Blogger Bebe said...

It's against the law, MAN, to leave a comment that's funnier - yeah, I said funnier - that the post.

Got it?

7:43 em  
Anonymous Keith said...

Twelve hours later I finally got around to proofreading, and found that I left the word "hit" out of my punchline, which is probably why I'll never make it as a professional comic.

Not that I'm trying.

1:29 fm  
Blogger Bebe said...

I read it the way you intended it, which is why no one pays me to proofread.

oh, right, and I meant to say, "than the post."

I call a do over.

7:25 fm  
Anonymous Keith said...

Yes, a do over.

So, these three wrestlers walk into a war . . .

9:29 fm  

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