måndag, december 05, 2005

Humor by Committee

The best time I had at Chicken Little was when my five year old and I walked out of the movie theater into the windy, dark night and I watched her reaction to me saying, "If I saw one of those aliens out here on the street right now in front of us, I would pee my pants."

She thought I was the God of Funny.

Then in the car she realized, "Hey, I did not see the part where the dad chicken said to Chicken Little, 'I screamed like a little girl'; maybe he said it while we were looking at each other instead of the movie." Well sure honey, that line you had seen in the trailers had the potential for humor, so the Chicken Little committee, that same group that thought it was a good idea to play chicken with Pixar, scrapped it.

She like it better than Wallace and Gromit, but that is only because she hasn't acquired the knack for giggling at Brits yet.

Earlier in the week I took her to the grocery store before school. Hardly anyone was there yet but the bakers.

"Would you like a bagel?" I asked.
"Sure," she said, and walked up to the bagel display. A large baker man stood proudly behind the baskets full of creative bagels, and watched as my daughter sneezed all over the bottom row. n front of the 7 foot tall kindly baker man, sneezed all over the bottom row.