tisdag, december 27, 2005


My 4th Generation, click wheel, 14 month old iPod broke last week. Its brain got stuck somewhere in a manilla folder with an exclamation point attached to it - a very bad sign. I have read the manual and nothing resets it. No computer can see it. No amount of switching Apple USB cords changes the situation. My only option is to return it to the Apple Repair Shop. Or buy a new one. Without music, excercise is not even an option. Without exercise, I start to get all fussy inside.

I hate it when that happens.

As I have transferred all my cd's onto iTunes and then into storage boxes somewhere, I guess I will just have to start strapping my computer to my hip with an oversized fanny-pack. Won't my kids be proud.


Anonymous Keith said...

If you do this, you may notice young men gathering around to stare at your hips. This could be one of three things:

1) A flattering comment. The boys have taken notice of how hard you've been working out.
2) They've lined up to play some computer games.
3) Rumor has gotten around that you are, in fact, Interneta, Goddess of Connectivity, Ruler of Information, and Keeper of the Porn.

All options, of course, lead to your daughters' further embarrassment. You can't go wrong.

11:36 fm  
Blogger sarahgilbert4264 said...

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Blogger Bebe said...

Why, thank you sarah gilbert 4264. I found your comment very inquisitive.

Keith, I am sorry I did not see your comment before I broke down and expensed a Nano. I would have been ecouraged to hold out for the more extreme accomodation. Happy New Year.

5:28 em  
Anonymous Keith said...

All's good. A mom dancing around with a Nano is still plenty embarrassing for children in many situations.

Happy New Year!

6:17 em  

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