söndag, januari 01, 2006

How Do Football Players Get Such Large Necks

Happy New Year.

Is that ok? Did I offend anyone? Was I too secular, mass consumptionist, or frivolous in my willingness to let 2005 go in exchange for whatever is behind door number 3? I hope so. Anyway, this is promising start.

I got the garden hose off the outside spigot and into the basement. I am not upset about being so behind.

I read the Bowl Championship Series website and still have no idea why Ohio played Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. And that is ok with me.

I bought Life Aquatic and the dvd kept skipping to the end every time scene change after scene 15. I returned the dvd and the same thing happened with the new dvd. I know that some day I will see it on a movie channel.

See how easy life gets when you replace your broken music box and exercise every day?