onsdag, mars 30, 2005

Time Heals

We, well, no actually, my husband subscribes to Time magazine. Back in Sweden he read it, well, no, not it. He read Time Europe, or something like that, to keep current on world events. Actually, Swedes read just about everything, even newspapers. Even the Op-Ed section of newspapers. Something about being informed, knowing the positions in a debate, understanding different perspectives, that sort of oddball stuff.

I have been suspicious of Time and its Kathy Duke cousin, Newsweek, for quite some time now. There seems to be a lot of Jesus on the front covers. Well, not Jesus, of course, but his kind. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind Jesus. I teach Sunday School to 7 and 8 year olds who would rather be home watching Bugs Bunny on a sleepy Sunday morning and are willing to do everything in their power to trick their moms into believing they are sound asleep or sick - no wait, that was me. Anyway, being a good soul,, kind to others and respectful of adults, and not lying too much or killing anyone, especially on purpose, these are important things to strive for, so I try to help when I can. But lately, I half expect to see "Jesus and his Disciples, Collect all of Them!" on the front of a Cocoa Puffs box. (And you know that they will never actually make the Judas figurine because, well, because.)

Where was I. Oh, right: Time magazine. On February 7 it was The Evangelicals. (They had this whole birth of Jesus stuff in December, but my husband said it was the holiday season and to let it go, so I have, to some degree.) Right under the cover lead, Time posed the question, "Do the Democrats Need More Religion?" but I bet it already knew the answer. On March 21, Time picked the virgin Mary, or maybe it is Virgin Mary, I get confused, as the Woman of the Year. I'm thinking that Time wanted to do something for making up for the March 7 cover that showed a woman scientist with a peanut-sized head. Anyway, Catholics, FYI, Time suspects that Protestants are about to move in and claim Mary. I would think that those are fighting words, but then again, smiting and drowning and turning people into pillars of salt, and all that jazz is only for the Almighty to do, so we all really know that there will be no actual fisticuffs over Jesus' mom. I hope.

Oddly, Time picked another Woman of the Year for its March 28 cover. Its only a model, I think, but one that looks just like that woman on that housewive's show - the brunette who used to play Lois Lane, um, Teri Hatcher. Teri, well, the "not really" Teri is holding a remote control and looking quite embarrassed about whatever is on the TV screen that we cannot see and I bet isn't even there in real life. If that is the case then that makes the model also an actress, just like Teri. I am not sure what if this really has something to do with Jesus and his family. I never actually read any of the articles. But as we are not supposed to covet another's spouse or partner - shoot, I don't even know if the rule applies to people who are living together in sin or in homosexual sin, so let's leave it at "spouse" - no matter how desperate that spouse is, I detect a religious theme.