onsdag, maj 21, 2008

When filling out the Scholastic book order forms. Edit picks everything that has a bracelet, cd, or animal charm attached to the book.

"What is this, a 'Littlest Pet Shop' figurine?" I ask. "And this fairy bracelet?"

"Oh, I don't want that," She said, looking closer at the newsprint order booklet. "I thought it was a necklace."

I ordered her a rhyming dictionary instead. Give me four more years of parental overlordship and I'm sure I can produce a Silvia Plath.


Comments from the Middle Child that almost get her killed, ##1-5:

"In the future, I would appreciate it if you would bring me my mail."

"I'm kind of ready to stop school and start my life now."

"Do you think that the rooftop outside my bedroom window would support the weight of a human being?"

"I find that teacher so frustrating. I think in the future I'm just going to do all the assignments and contribute in class. He'll be sorry."

"I know you said I couldn't go, but listen to me. I'm 150 miles from home and I think I'm driving the wrong way on the highway. You're not half as upset as I am."

(There are so many more, but they are temporarily repressed.)