tisdag, maj 20, 2008

More Proof that Photogs Sleep With Models

The Danish Day, by Birger and Mikkelsen, enchants me. I finally figured out why. When I see the clothes I have a fairy princess flashback.

Not fairy princess as in prom dress or wedding cake topper. It's in the fabric - even without encrusted diamonds the pieces seem bejeweled and look as if they should be accompanied by a knight. This season the look is Marrakesh, which means Princess Jasmine. The sweater I have in my closet from three seasons ago is more structured, more Princess Aurora. (Do I really know my Disney this well?)

But getting to Day today was unintentional. I wanted to talk about Acne Jeans.But one of the Acne collection shots got me searching Scandinavian lines to see if Acne's approach was now the norm: actually seeing the outfit is so pedestrian.

I suspected this with my first Filippa-K catalog. It would arrive and get passed around the office. The shots looked of after-party parties, outdoors, tilted and in shades of dark grey, de-saturated indigo blue, and muted hunter green. "Tunic" the page descriptor would read. We would see only the toe of a shoe starting to come around the back of a tree. "We must have that tunic," we would say.

Here is Acne's denim jumpsuit on the left and a Day top on the right.

Party on. Cross posted at Spree blog.