söndag, maj 18, 2008

Cate Cate Abate

I've had a bunch of wine and discussed bad sports parents with complete strangers for the past few hours. I love being the single person at the couples dinner table. I always end up drinking too much.

Oh, heck. I always end up drinking too much.

I have a stack of product literature to get through, like a brochure from J Beverly Hills. It's a collection of necessary hair care products from the think tank capital of the world. I'm not above the study of good product from any tank, but the company's owner is Juan Juan, and he created the Juan Juan Salon. The product names are, "Leave On," "Everyday," and "AddBody."

Mystery is apparently overrated. I'm thinking the same of alliteration.

It's over. My research is stalled. I cannot get past the "Juan Juan Salon" and its "Leave On" conditioner without the aid of a Shel Silverstein and Brian Regan.