torsdag, maj 15, 2008

When GD II (the second Great Depression) hits, I'm sure that spas and cable internet access will be the first to suffer. For the love of Google we need to be doing something to fix this mess.

I don't know why I'm so pessimistic about the state of the economy. but I suspect it has something to do with excess. I just found a piece I had ripped out of some Sunday paper magazine about over-wealthy mothers taking their pre-pubescent daughters to a salon for a "But there's nothing there yet!" bikini wax. (No, really. They should list it on the spa menu that way. How fun!) I vaguely recall wanting the reference for some piece I was writing, but it didn't get used and now the tale it contained is nothing but a sad suggestion of "Let them eat cake."

Let us spend money on something unnecessary with psychotic undercurrents and neurotic results.