söndag, augusti 24, 2008

Notes from the Stacks and Racks

Eight year old Edit to seventeen year old sister, McAllister, as we drove by Buffalo's museum of modern art: I'm going to get married in the flower garden of the Albright.
McAllister: May I be your bridesmaid?
Edit: Sure!
McAllister: What about Mom?
Edit: I don't think she'll be alive by then.

Joel Stein, Time: "[Obama] is black which is not the old Jews' favorite minority. If [Obama] were an old Asian guy who knew Krav Maga, he'd take Pompano in a landslide."

Saddleback and Rick Warren. Because if you cannot trust the super-egoed evangelical pastor of a megachurch, who can you trust?

"They scream, the sing, they fall down, the take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit....It is only the British people - not the Germans or the French." Greek Island Malia's mayor, Konstantinos Lagoudakis, as quoted in August 24, 2008 NY Times. Well, the cross-dressing was the giveaway. A better way to comment on this quote might have been:

"They scream, the sing, they fall down, the take their clothes off, they cross-dress, they vomit."
"Who are the British on vacation, Alex."

A new pair of boots at Firebrand really bought me. This morning I spotted a pair of Chloe Beattle boots that flashed me right back to them. Sans buckle and cut way above the ankle, they aren't identical by any means. But trendsetting in their own way. It's the kind of boot you buy and spend the next four months telling people where.

torsdag, augusti 07, 2008

Hard Landing, Run for Cover

More confining than an Albanian blood feud.

More confusing than androgen insensitivity.

I hate July. It's as demanding, claustrophobic, and bank-busting as December.

Tomorrow is another college trip. I'm sure my daughter has spent the day bleaching her hair a lighter shade of white and getting a new push up bra for the event.

God, it feels so good to be back home.