lördag, juli 12, 2008

Notes and Poor Moms' Month

The Miss Lacy chair is so typically Stark. Great to look at, but horrendous to actually use as a seating implement.

I look at the stunning Miss Lacy and think, "Ow, ow ... ow, ow, ow."

In deciding whether to read King Lear or a collection of Disney Cliff Notes as a bedtime read, I decided it was time for my daughter to hear my lecture on why Disney is not such positive material on strong maternal figures. We laughed as we played, "Find the Missing Mom" and at some point my daughter looked at me with devilish, confessional eyes and said, "You know, sometimes when we play house, nobody wants to be the mom." No wonder. It's a great, best job, but from the outside it must have the allure of fish cleaning.

I spend so much time looking at materials on home furnishings that my house looks like a paper mill exploded inside. I study home decor but can't seem to live it.

Why do people get married?

Country is coming back, but somehow it is different: :refined and thinned out, as if stone wear is mixed with porcelain, and put all the floral patterns on a diet. I suspect that this is a result of going green. I'm seeing straw and natural fiber mats, which is harder to mix up with stainless steel and laminate.

Is vintage glamour just another name for steampunk, or are we moving past it, heading straight for baroque-tech. Okay, you come up with the new movement's name. Image from Cole & Son.

Boy, confess to one person that Paul Smith is a name unknown, and if he suddenly isn't on every other style sheet, in all shops. Recognizing Smith is mostly in the stripe. He uses vibrant colors in his thin, generally vertical line creations. But mod works as a descriptor too.

Inspired by all the back of the bra showing in the Sex and the City movie, I picked up a Miss Sixty dress that has done all the work for me. The bra is sewn right into the dress and visible. The label is Beebe trashy, only more avant-garde, to the extent trashy can be avant-garde. Anyway, I performed the usual test, and the dress passed in record time. In my closet, worn once, then *poof* gone. My eldest grabbed it. Afterwards the middle child said to her, "Don't take Mom's clothes. She doesn't have much."

Gandia Blasco makes living and sleeping and having sex on the beach look like an actual option. If I could choose a different life for a month, it would be a Gandia Blasco life. I can't capture an image that does the product line justice. Check out the site.

So you always have enough to spend on yourself, keep children's furniture costs to a minimum with conversions. The Oeuf collecection may look a little like School of Jailhouse Rock, but - or for that reason - I like it. Available at Room.