lördag, juli 21, 2007

Day 2 Grenada

We arrived at our hotel after dark. I have stopped mistaking our destination for the Falklands. We are surrounded by lush land and poverty. The hotel is a little oasis that is supposed to look across the bay at the Grenada Medical School, another oasis.

I hate oasises. They make me feel like an overpriviged jerk, and I enjoy not feeling that way in my surroundings at home. These trips, I guess, put things in a better perspective, I guess. I am, certainly, in the big scheme of things, overprileged. I never would have handled a plantation well, or being a princess, either. Then again, I never would have handled being a slave with any degree of flair, or a maidservant. I'll work in my garden for eight hours at a time, but if forced to cut cabbage for two hours, I am reduced to a whiny brat looking for the nearest gallon of ice cream.

It was dark and quiet, and the man showing us to our room carried -carried - at least 200 pouns worth of suitcases up and down a curvy sidewalk to our suite. He insisted. There is no nightlife here for the high school and college aged kids. There is no town they can walk into. There is a town, certainly, at St. George, but we are not there.

I must go now. Breakfast is included and is served at a particular time. We must all go together and be dressed. There is a coffee pot up here in the beautiful second floor living room, but no coffee. So as I must go and there is no coffee here anyway, I will go.

Back. We followed a different walkway this time, one that cut across other hotel suites and rooms, by the dive shop and yacht store. When we came to the part of the walkway by the water, we saw dozens of crabs, scampering to get out of our sight. I goosebumped immediately. Anything crustacean looking terrifies me. It must be the odd, leggedy walk that does it. The restaurant is buffet, and it is always fun to see what is offered in different parts of the world. There is always glass jars of flake and granola-based cereals, yogurt in plastic tubs, and fruits. And to satisfy a large English tour, there are eggs and breakfast meats, too. And breads. I have decided to subsist on yogurt and honey and coffee.

We are back for a two hour break to swim in the hotel pools. I'll take photos now.