onsdag, januari 03, 2007

Off Center

I walked into the DMV, looking for the eldest child who had called me to come in and sign the "It's ok" papers for the middle child to get her driving permit. The eldest was standing in the test-taking area, and I yelled out, "Did she win?"

We awoke pre-dawn to take the eldest to the airport. My brain was foggy, my eyes were tearing up from shear computer exhaustion from the night before. I turned the corner near a highway and spotted the lone house on the block with a thoroughly adorned front yard. Icicles, snowmen, Santa, candy canes. You know those kind of houses. The place grabbed my face, and what came out of my mouth was, "It is beautiful!"

Well, technically, no, but kind of wowy in a "wish I were a kid" way.

The steroids are supposed to reduce inflammation in the brain. I thought by day four I had made some progress, but no. No wine, plenty of sleep, clear system, and still, things are the same. I have never been diagnosed right the first time, for anything in my life, and I suspect that this will be no different. It will be fun. Anyway, instead of continuing my assaults on the automatic spell check, I am going to clean the house out to bare bones. I figure if there is less in, there is less to lose, less to miss, and less to screw up.