torsdag, september 21, 2006

Where bad jokes come from

Hey, you have a spelling test tomorrow. You don't know your words by heart?

I don't know those words.

No, I mean you have to be able to spell without looking

Are those words on my list?

Turn off the tv and get over here.


Anonymous Keith said...

This must be the youngest, learning those vocabulary words. I do believe my own son, now 11, has said nearly the exact same thing.

The other day it was about math in our house.

Me: What happened? You were really good at math a few years ago. You could add all those big numbers when you were only 5.

Boy: That was adding, Dad. This is multiplication. It's different.

Me: Of course it's different, but...

Boy: Besides, Dad, I haven't learned anything in years.

11:15 fm  
Blogger Bebe said...

I have since learned that not everyone understood that she was hearing "by heart" and "without looking" and thought that those 4 words were also on the list.

I miss my blog. I miss reading yours. Will get back to it . . .

5:14 fm  

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