torsdag, juli 20, 2006


1. Stop by Prescriptives to get replacement bronzer. Last one.
2. Stop by Estee Lauder to get new self-tanners to test.
3. Wait for older woman to complete a purchase. She completes, but does not leave. She talks to me about Estee's old line of products, how nice they were, how much she enjoyed them when she used to go to the islands. Which islands I wonder, and is her story sad or sweet? Her dress is nice, and her hair is done, but her legs are thick and marked, an odd mix. She got the orange sun bag with purchase. Was I going to get the sunbag with purchase, she wanted to know, circling about behind me, moving to my right side as I face the counter and wait for cosmetics man with the pierced eyebrow to return my card. No, I explain, not wanting to offend. It doesn't have a zipper close. I am kind of scatterbrained. I need a zipper close. I look at her. We smile. She leaves.
4. I continue to wait for the eyebrow man, thinking of the woman, feeling an unidentifiable pang, some mixture of I should be her friend, I hope her life isn't empty, am I looking at my future, and so on.
5. With utmost approval (I knew enough to ask for the lotion and the complementing spray without being told), he hands me my card and overpriced vanity collection.
6. I turn to the right to collect my Prescriptives purchase from the make-up chair next to me.
7. It's gone.