fredag, maj 12, 2006

Bully for You

Ok, I have been pretty sick and taking all sorts of medicines that have seriously altered my preferred state of jack rabbit high. I thought I would take this opportunity to begin exploring an iBook I picked up a few months ago. You know, I'm mellow, the computer is mellow, so wouldn't it be nice, etc.

I have also been holding in my back pocket a post on the high pressure, pull no punches, "what, are you stupid?" experience I encountered when purchasing equipment from the Apple Store (for now, let's just say my daughter said to me afterward, "I've never seen your face get so red!"), but again, I'm mellow, the touchpad is mellow . . .

"Hey!" I said to myself. "Why not create a new blog using the .mac program? There is no better way to learn than by creating a stage so I can talk about me, me, me. Think of the inspiration!"

I have just opened the part of the software that will allow me to Learn More. Up in the left hand corner is an old guy in a grey suit saying "I'm a PC" and next to him is a dude guy in jeans and a long sleeve tee saying "I'm a Mac." I want to puke already. "Hello. Welcome to Apple. Aren't those PC people such jerk asshole losers?" I feel like the substitute social studies teacher who just walked into a cafeteria food fight.

Mostly I want to know why on this keyboard the delete operates as a backspace and so where is the delete function. I wonder where I put the operating manual. Maybe it didnt come with one. Maybe it's designed on an intuition that I am too fuddy duddy to have. Does anyone out there even know the meaning of the phrase "fuddy duddy?"


Anonymous Keith said...

Ctrl-Delete for that PC-style delete you're looking for.

As for Fuddy Duddy. I do believe he's an up and coming rapper. But then, isn't everyone these days?

10:54 fm  
Blogger Gregory said...

Macs are so purdy it's hard not to like them, but everytime I hear 'How do I?' or 'Why does it?' I think, 'Intuitive. The mac is intuitive.' Then I go try to figure out the problem and become terribly frustrated because none of the shortcut keys I'm used to are there and I can't intuit how to make the damn thing go.

So I used the company's purchase assistance program to buy myself a damn PC laptop and if Meera wants to use it she'll have to ask real nice. And then intuit my answer.

1:51 fm  

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