onsdag, december 13, 2006

Hamlet, By Any Other Name

I am stuffing the kids on the train from Malmö over to Copenhagen and up to Helsignor, where we will visit a castle with more names than Elizabeth fill in the blank Taylor. We call it Kronborg Slot, Shakespeare called it Elsinore. Hamlet called it Destiny. To encourage the kids to fall asleep faster, I told them it was haunted.

In searching for any haunted references on the internet, I came across a site that claimed San Diego as the most haunted place on Earth. Wikipedia has it fairly far down the list, except one entry gives it some credence. "The Whaley House in the "Old Town" section of San Diego, California, is a reportedly haunted house. The house was one of the region's first court houses as well as hanging grounds before being converted to a residence. The Whaley House is one of only a handful of homes recognized by the federal government as being undoubtedly haunted

The Whaley House does not consider itself officially haunted. Not sure why Wikipedia would allow that stuff to come in.