söndag, januari 29, 2006

Time and Time Again

The death clock has advised that I am going to die on March 10, 2060. If I list myself as "normal" instead of an optimist, that year drops to 2037. Heck, all this time I thought my optimism was going to make me a wealthy woman. Instead, it's just going to keep me around in a decrepit nursing home for for-e-ver. Hey. I'll take it. From Miss Cellania.

"I think Leap Year is so strange. It happens every two years."
"It does? I thought it was four."
"No, it really does. Can you imagine? You are only half you age because you are born on February 29."

In about 9 hours I can call a washing machine repair person's office assistant who will tell me that I will have to wait another three days for parts. I am wearing pants with pockets on the sides. I mean pockets below the knees and on the sides, and the pants have drawstrings at the ankles. This can only mean that tomorrow I will be forced to wear something all bright and glittery and with only one shoulder, something my daughters have smashed into to the bottom of a drawer. We began piling things up for a trip to the laundry mat, but then I thought, heck, when was the last time I had an excuse to wear sweat pants with a missing cord and the inscription "Hottie" across the ass. If you guessed "never," you would be right. Then my two incredibly stacked girls asked what I would do when I ran out of bras. "She can wear ours," they said to each other and broke out in hysterics.

Hey, I say its time they put their D-Cup Muscles and Leap Year Brains to work at a scrub board.


Blogger Kryten42 said...

Ohhh... Poor Cate! (Really!)

I admit.. I did have to smile! But only because Life, the universe and everyone in it seems to be conspiring against me also lately!

I think you need (and deserve) a real break girl! Easier said than done, I know! But it's nice to think about.

My biggest problems at the moment are that I am on the opposite side of the World from my fiancé, and probably won't see her for 6 Months or so! The other problem is that I am overloaded at work and don't even have time to think about doing laundry! (though, I did manage to do one load today, so I have some clean clothes at last).

You have my sympathies! I hope some sanity prevails for you soon!

Cheers Cate (sorry I haven't commeneted very often... just lack of time!)

PS. Your daughters are wicked! ;) Heh... And I bet you love them to bits! :D

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